Hear what parents and professionals alike are saying about Ahh-choo!

This book succeeds where 100 years of marketing by soap makers has not. This delightful and engaging tale could not come at a better time as health experts worry about the spread of Coronavirus and other supergerms. The number one line of defense, the Centers for Disease Control says, is frequent and thorough hand-washing. In fact, in July 2005, the CDC said, “Handwashing with soap can reduce the number of pneumonia-related infections in children under the age of five by more than 50 percent, according to a study published in The Lancet.” Pneumonia is the leading killer of children under age 5 worldwide.

American Society of Microbiology found that one third of kids and adults do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. An international study of adults showed only 20% of women and 7% of men who washed their hands did so correctly. The majority of those observed did not bother to even use soap! Clearly it is time for some basic education. The playful mind of author Debbie Guthery-Owen has produced a soapy clean and healthy story that teachers, health care workers, librarians and yes, kids, will love. (We can only hope their parents will read it too!)

-Al Tompkins is a broadcast veteran who has taught thousands of journalists the secrets to stronger writing. He is the group leader for Broadcast and Online at the Poynter Institute, in St. Petersburg, Florida, widely recognized as the premiere training ground for professional journalists.

Debbie Guthery's Ahh-choo! is a dynamic and engaging story for early childhood or elementary aged children. The energetic rhythm of Guthery's verse is complimented by Dillingham’s vigorous illustrations that draw readers and listeners into the wild adventures of one dastardly germ. Younger children will be enchanted by its vibrant colors and silly language. Older children can travel through the story from character to character. Both entertaining and educational, ahh-choo! can be the centerstone of a larger unit about health and hygiene, with applicable lessons to be learned by readers and listeners of all ages.

-Catherine McTamaney, Ed.D.
Acting Director of Elementary Education Programs
Department of Teaching and Learning
Peabody College
Vanderbilt University

Debbie did a great job, her poems and Jerry Dillingham’s Illustrations were excellent I enjoyed it as much as my six-year old grandson. The message is an important one - cover your mouth and wash your hands.

-Dr James T. Strain, Former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics

I love this book! It is well written, the artwork is captivating and the message is so needed. This book will find a home in daycares, doctor’s offices and homes far and wide.

-William Conway Martin, Head Librarian, American Baptist College

The book, Ahh-Choo!, by author Debbie Guthery, is both fun and informative. The creative story line takes us through the life of an imaginary germ and shows us how easy it is for germs to move around and get us sick. Bright illustrations and a funny story line amuse and inform at the same time.

-Ellen Tisdell, children’s bookseller, Davis-Kidd Booksellers

Fantastic Book, the children loved it! I would recommend it to all of our parents!

-Jennifer Cullison, Montessori Teacher, Montessori Centre

Not only is Ahh-Choo our daughter’s requested nighttime ritual, but it is also an awesome educational opportunity.  After the first bedtime reading, our 22month old woke up the next morning asking for a tissue!

-Steve Myers, Parent

As a mother and former teacher, I was delighted to read Ahh-Choo by Debbie Guthery. The playful rhymes and hilarious illustrations are captivating to a child, yet the message of the book is so very important-that germs can spread from person to person scoot-skitteringly fast!

-Kathy Robinson, Parent

I read Ahh-Choo to my daughter’s preschool class—full of 3,4, and 5 year olds. They were so enthralled by the rhymes and illustrations; there was not a peep out of them until the story was over.   Then, whoa!!!  Everyone wanted to share how they get rid of germs—hand washing, hand sanitizer, coughing into the crook of their arm (the teacher has instructed them to do that versus getting the germs on their hands!).  They were so excited to talk about how to stay healthy.

My six-year-old son saw the book lying on the seat of the car. He asked me to hand it to him and looked at it for a full five minutes before exclaiming “These are awesome illustrates!!” (His word) Then I read the book to him. He was so into the rhythm of the story and the excitement of the illustrations, he didn’t even talk. It took him a minute of thinking, and then he said, “I really love that book!”

-Susie Rieniets, Parent